I call for unity and civility. Only by working together can we flourish.

Unite against clear threats



The reaction of Democrats in Congress regarding the crash of Ukrainian Flight 752 is baffling and disturbing. All evidence thus far indicates that it was shot down by an Iranian missile. There was no crossfire. Iran was the aggressor in this situation.

U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, called the airline downing “collateral damage” during her discussion with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. I take issue with this. Did the U.S. launch an airstrike on Iran? Did the U.S. bomb terrorists where innocent bystanders were injured or killed? The answer to both of these questions is no. Speier’s statement is clearly a product of the blind and naïve anti-Trump sentiment that drives almost everything Democrats do and say. The reality is that the United States took out a mass murderer in Iraq. Yet many congressional Democrats are vilifying President Trump while absolving the Iranian regime. It is a sad day when members of Congress rally behind our enemies.

Although the origins of the conflict with Iran started in 1979, Obama’s policy of appeasement toward Iran only exacerbated the situation. The United States under Obama and Kerry gave Iran $150 billion, essentially funding Soleimani’s activities across the globe while ignoring the reality that the Iranian regime is a danger to the United States and the world. All Americans need to unite against clear threats to our national interests and not let partisan politics blind us to the truth.

(1/27/2020 )

It is disturbing that today; on Holocaust Memorial Day, ignorance and hatred continue to plague our society. @RashidaTlaib retweeted Ashrawi’s false claim that Israelis had kidnapped and killed a Palestinian child, when in fact, the boy had tragically drowned. This is not the first time @RashidaTlaib has been involved in a “blood libel” scandal and refused to apologize. Why hasn’t the Democratic leadership condemned Tlaib for her blatant anti-Semitism? Where are @JackieSpeier @RepSpeier and @SpeakerPelosi? Remembering and honoring the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust takes more than a tweet or sound bite. It requires our leaders to rise up and confront hatred whenever it raises its evil head-even in the walls of Congress. That is the lesson of the Holocaust.



In the last few days I’ve been under tremendous attack on social media by bullies on the extreme left.  I wanted to share my thoughts on this experience with the greater community to help prevent this from happening to others and expose the hateful, bigoted, and racist remarks I have received. 

It all started when I misspelled “rhetoric” on a friend’s FB conversation thread. I was ridiculed for my spelling mistake and called stupid “like most conservatives.” I may have made this error because I’m a brown skin son of immigrants, because I’m dyslexic or perhaps because English is my third language, who knows. Regardless, none of these potential challenges have held me back in life; they rather have taught me the values of hard work and personal responsibility. My initial post (regarding Trump’s Christian values) called for unity and an end to the double standard of the left. I was promptly removed from the conversation thread and only learned about it from concerned people who reached out to let me know.  Some of those individuals who responded in a derogatory manner to me are within my circle, some are not. Regardless, they are all driven by hate and a feeling of superiority.  One person, Janet, “an educator,” who was leading the angry responses, went as far as stating that all Trump supporters should die.  People like this are bullies and intolerant bigots who are prejudiced against people they believe to be inferior or hold different opinions.  I asked my “friend” to condemn her behavior. She refused, calling me a Nazi sympathizer. With friends like this who needs enemies?

We can disagree while being civil. I’m a tolerant person who calls for unity, but I can’t stand haters and bigots. We need to stop the hate and never ever support our bigoted friends. It’s the double standard of the left, who make use of name calling and try to silence conservatives or anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

I pride myself as someone who reads articles from both sides of the political spectrum and evaluate them according to the merits of the writer and his/her points/assessment. I don’t take things at face value when it comes to news, whether it comes from the right or the left. 

The left is desperate to smear Republicans and moderate Democrats as racists and ignorant/stupid. I know it’s hard for people on the left to accept that a lot of educated intelligent people approve of many of Trump’s policies. Most leftists don’t care about facts and are pushing for radical proposals that would destroy America as we know it. Unfortunately, they are driven more by their hate for President Trump (#TDS) than for what is good for our country.

Only with unity and tolerance can we prevail.



The following is my response to a recent inquiry from a constituent regarding my stance on combating socialism and anti-Semitism.

Hi X,

Thanks for your concern. I’m glad to hear that you are passionate about combating anti-Semitism. This issue is close to my heart and one of the major issues for my campaign. Below you will find my thoughts on both issues.

While neither party is perfect, the history of the Democratic Party is stained with racism. It’s the party of slavery, the KKK and segregation.  Don’t let anyone convince you that the parties switched.  By the way, every GOP candidate that has run in the last 40 years has been labeled ‘racist’ by the Democrats.  It’s a known Bolshevik strategy.  Democrats accused Reagan of reading Mein Kampf on a nightly basis and Romney of wanting to put black people ‘back in chains.’  Kamala Harris accused Biden of being racist during the primaries but now says “it was only a debate.”  Admittedly there are racists and anti-Semites in both parties.  However the Democratic Party leadership has a growing numbers of anti-Semitic appointees and elected officials including but not limited to Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Jamaal Bowman and Keith Ellison. Furthermore, time and again, Democratic leaders have failed to condemn anti-Semitism amongst their ranks when it arises. 

Don’t forget that Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who was notorious for his racist and anti-Semitic remarks and terror-related speeches, officiated Barack and Michelle Obama’s wedding, as well as their children’s baptisms.  Do I need to remind you of Obama’s open door policy with Louis Farrakhan?

The problem that we are facing is that the left wing of the Democratic Party is pushing for a dangerous Marxists agenda that threatens our democracy.  How many Democrats have condemned Antifa or the violent rioters who are using fascist techniques and encourage violence, intolerance and bigotry? How many cities and business have to burn to advance their agenda? How many Democrats support defunding the police (that of course includes reallocating funds as Biden suggested)?  Who is the defunding movement hurting the most? Kamala Harris has actually encouraged the demonstrations and riots to continue.  Antifa and BLM are not about civil rights at all, but rather Marxism, anti-government, and anti-Semitism.  As an example, BLM Los Angeles is led by notorious anti-Semite Melina Abdullah, a self proclaimed disciple of Louis Farrakhan, who calls Jews “termites” that need to be exterminated.

We have to unite as a nation and combat bigotry and hate. There are definitely extremists on both sides.  In regards to Charlottesville, while I criticized Trump at the time and wanted a stronger condemnation, the media and Biden misled and misquoted his speech. Trump’s complete quote: “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the White nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.” You can listen to the whole speech yourself if you have not done so, focusing on 1:54-2:02.

In regards to my position on socialism, I think that we have to learn from countries that promoted and implemented democratic socialism. Please research how Venezuela went from being one of the wealthiest countries in South America to an economic basket case.

There are 4 steps:

1. Nationalize private industry. Control means of production.

2. Currency and price control.

3. Fiscally irresponsible.

4. Expansion of welfare program.

Like AOC, Bernie and many other socialist Democrats who support the 4 steps above want to do; Venezuela destroyed the rich to help the poor. Chavez robbed people’s land from 1999-2016 and made factories hire more people than necessary. He increased production and sold products at low cost. The Government takeover moved slowly from industry to industry (Agriculture>electricity>water>oil>banks>supermarkets>construction in order to get more votes) each election cycle, bankrupting them in the process. Historical research show decline in efficiency and increased bureaucracy along with a decline in productivity/output. There are long lines for procedures and products, low product availability and electrical blackouts and gas shortages.

That is why Venezuelan-Americans and Russian-Americans understand the evils of socialism. They don’t want their children to have to stand in long lines for hours for a carton of eggs, not be able to get toothpaste and use soap as an alternative or having no toilet paper, like they did.

That’s why I am horrified that numerous prominent Democrats are pushing for Socialism as a reality for our country.


Ran Petel


Dear Editor,

I’ve lived in California for most of my life and have seen San Mateo County change over the past decade. I am dismayed that many of these changes have made it harder to live, work and own a business in the county. I am disappointed at the lack of leadership our current representative, Jackie Speier, has shown, her inability to improve our district and her silence on many key issues. For these reasons among others, I decided to run for Congress.

Some of the major issues my campaign is focusing on are: combating bigotry and racism, fighting socialism, upholding law and order, and uniting as a country. Unfortunately my opponent, Jackie Speier, has been silent on these and many other critical issues that call for strong leadership like stopping the hate culture, the “cancel” culture, attacks on freedom of speech and thought, the push for socialism and the increasing anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party leadership. She has not condemned Antifa or the violent rioters who are using fascist techniques and encouraging violence, intolerance and bigotry. Speier co-sponsored the Green New Deal which is fiscally unsustainable for our country and will dramatically raise our taxes. My platform calls for more funds to be allocated to schools and mental health services, job creation programs, a sustainable plan for clean energy and affordable housing. I believe that the US is a land of opportunity, where anyone can succeed when they take personal responsibility for their lives, regardless of race, gender, religion, or socio-economic status.

Democrats have been desperately trying to assert themselves as the party of social justice, when, in reality, it’s the party with a past stained with slavery, the KKK and segregation. At the same time, Democrats have run an ongoing 40+ year smear campaign that attacks GOP candidates and accuses them of racism. Whether it was Reagan, accused of reading Mein Kampf on a nightly basis or Romney, accused of wanting to put black people “back in chains,” the Democrats continue to rely on false claims to promote their candidates.  Kamala Harris adopted the same strategy, accusing Biden of being racist, reversing course only once she was appointed to the Democratic ticket saying “it was only a debate (i.e. a campaign strategy).” Admittedly there are racists and bigots in both parties.  However, the Democratic Party leadership has a growing number of anti-Semitic appointees and elected officials including but not limited to Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Jamaal Bowman and Keith Ellison. Most distressing is that Democratic leaders have repeatedly cowered to the left and failed to condemn anti-Semitism amongst their ranks when it arises. 

As moderate voices in the Democratic Party are being pushed aside, the Party is shifting towards the radical left, embracing a dangerous Marxist agenda that threatens our democracy. Many friends and colleagues of mine who are former Democrats told me the same thing, “I did not leave the Democratic Party. It left me.” How many cities and businesses have to burn before the Democratic leadership decides to stand up and say enough is enough? It is astonishing that Kamala Harris, a vice-presidential candidate, encouraged the demonstrations to continue without rebuke from anyone in her party. Now, the radical left is threatening to destroy our country with riots and looting if they lose the November election. 

When will Democrats admit that calls to “defund the police” are misguided and should be condemned as dangerous and that disadvantaged communities will suffer more than they do now without a strong police force. They are simply jumping on the bandwagon trying to look like the good guys. The “defund the police” movement has already resulted in sharp increases in crime rates. People living in inner cities and dangerous areas don’t want the police force weakened because fewer police means less enforcement and more crime. We need law and order and accountability. I believe that we can support funding for the police while demanding more accountability and transparency from officers.

I’m a proud person of color, a minority, a legal immigrant, and a veteran who grew up in a working-class family. I respect diverse opinions. We all need to stay civil and respectful for the greater good of this country. For more information on my candidacy, please see my website and Facebook page.  I would appreciate your support.

Thank you,

Ran Petel

Candidate for CA Congressional District-14