School and Education

According to U.S.News and World Report, California ranks 37th nationally in K-12 education. In order for our State and our region to maintain their competitive edge, we need to provide a top- notch education and give students the tools they need to excel in the modern economy. I will work to restore California’s high quality education system and to make sure that our schools receive the state and federal funding they are due. 


The high cost of housing is driving many residents out of the Bay Area and adding stress to many who are struggling to stay here. We need to create affordable housing for the public sector including educators, police, fire, and the elderly. Rent control is subject to abuse and has worsened housing issues including limiting supply and escalating rent. 

Health Care

Our current healthcare system, formulated under Obama, has hurt us economically and has not improved our options. The excessively high premiums have made it difficult for many Americans to purchase health insurance and have burdened small business owners with the high costs of insuring employees. I believe we need to replace or restructure the ACA (ObamaCare) in a way that makes sense, is economically sustainable for all Americans, and that maintains select common-sense provisions such as coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Only a competitive, free market, transparent and patient-centered health plan will bring the cost down. We need to implement common sense solutions to lower costs, improve quality, increase accessibility, flexibility and choice. We need more transparency from the doctors and hospitals so that patients can know up front what their costs will be. We also need to fight waste, fraud, and abuse in our healthcare system.


Affordability, sustainability, and energy independence are the key reasons to support clean energy, such as solar and wind power. Energy costs can be significant for families and businesses. Increased implementation of clean energy will decrease our dependence on foreign oil, reduce our impact on the environment, increase efficiency, and lower energy costs. 


Our open space, parks, beaches, lakes and other natural spaces provide our residents with endless outdoor recreational opportunities and as well as critical habitat for wildlife. Our environment attracts tourists and locals alike and is a part and parcel of our county’s heritage and economy. We need to find ways to fight climate change in an economically sustainable way and work with countries that have weak environmental controls, to reduce their carbon footprint. Selling clean-energy technology to other countries offers economic opportunities to companies in our County and State.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our national debt skyrocketed during the previous administration, jeopardizing our economy and social welfare programs. Hard working Americans who pay for social security and medicaid out of their paychecks should be able to count on receiving those benefits in retirement. I will work in Congress to reduce the debt and curb unnecessary spending. We need wise debt and intelligent spending policies.  I will also promote job creation and support for small businesses.

Border and National Security 

As a legal immigrant and the son of immigrants, I support lawful immigration regardless of race or religion. Open borders put us at risk, both from an economic and security standpoint. Our immigration policies should welcome highly skilled workers, top international students, genuine humanitarian refugees and people who positively contribute to our society. 


Everyone in the US deserves fair treatment. We need to apply equitable standards in Congress that take into account our national interest. Anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head in recent years. We need to stand up against anti-Semitism in Congress, in our community, in schools and on college campuses where students are fearful of being abused physically and verbally. There is a growing number of anti-Semitic voices in Congress that the Democratic party has failed to condemn. Several Democratic presidential front-runners have openly expressed an anti-Israel bias which doesn’t disguise the anti-Semitic sentiments within, with very little response or push-back from the party. Here in California, the recently proposed ethnic studies curriculum received strong criticism for containing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric and propaganda. Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East and deserves to be treated as such.